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— this is an updated & much more advanced version of my old hair growth subliminal so you can switch to this one instead !!
i put a lot of research into making this and experimented with different affirmation styles (like my symmetrical face sub) but this time i decided to use my old formulas as well because i saw someone suggest it and it sounded pretty interesting 😋

good luck sexies 💞💓💗


〔 🌈 ₎₎ 𝗯𝗲𝗻𝗲𝗳𝗶𝘁𝘀;;

— potent & crazy fast hair growth to the utmost extreme (increased blood flow to the scalp & awakened/active hair follicles..)
— intensive luxurious hair treatment (restored hair health to the utmost maximum + strengthened & deeply hydrated scalp hair, roots, etc)
— perfectly healthy, refreshed, cleansed scalp
— nourished, strong & overall healthy hair structure + everlasting protection from any and all kinds of damage (this will not only help with getting rid of current hair damage but also will ensure protection for the future)
— 100% enhanced hair radiance, shine, luminosity
— ultra smooth, healthy, glossy, million dollars worth looking hair from root to tip
— glass-like hair sheen & hair is full of light reflecting shine, luster and suppleness
— restored hair vitality
— 24/7 professionally & perfectly styled looking hair + effortless hair prettiness
— each and every single hair strand is of 100% absolute strength, health, shine, thickness and softness
— extremely easily manageable hair that is rich and abundant in moisture & elasticity

+ utmost result amplifier

♡ my subliminals;
→ are 100% safe
→ can be downloaded in any format (mp3, mp4, wav, etc)
→ can be used with and without earphones/headphones
→ give permanent results just like any other subliminal
→ include self love & confidence, happiness affirmations

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— want a custom paid subliminal made? DM me on instagram 💘 @sorailine
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i love you 🤍

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