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✨I recommend the volume of 40%~75% depending pretty much you should only slightly hear the noise.✨

— 「f e a t u r e s」

▲ Super Intelligent.
▹ 250 IQ score.
▹ Naturally born Genius.
▹ Supernaturally Intelligent.
▹ Effortlessly gain and regain a comprehensive understanding of everything.
▹ Memorise and understand everything you study immediately.
▹ Problem solve everything instantly.
▹ Supernaturally sharp memory.
▹ Increase focus and concentrations.
▹ Increase Intelligence.
▹ Study and pass every single test, exams, quizzes, assignments, assessments and essays.
▹ Achieve the highest grades all the time.
▹ Excel in every subject.
▲ in-built booster.
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— 「n o t e s」
▹ Listen to this subliminal 3-6 time a day, or most preferably 30 mins a day for maximum, faster results.
▹ my subliminals contains no frequency or binaural etc. - Unless stated.
▹ all my subliminals from April 2019 onwards are layered and sped up.
▹ downloadable - can be downloaded as.mp3
▹ you can listen to it overnight.
▹ can be played without headphones or with one earbud in
▹ can be played through a speaker.
▹ unisex - unless specifically stated.
▹ can be used at any age.
▹ remember to drink lots of water and be healthy.
▹ results vary to every person — the average time is 2 weeks to 3 months.
▹ volume should be 20%-50%.
▹ there are no guarantees or promises, implied or explicit this will work for you. As it subliminals works differently for each person due to factors such as mental state, health etc.
▹ this does not substitute any type of professional health care and I do not hold any liability for any decisions made because of this or any other subliminal in my channel.

— 「m u s i c」
Drizzle Rain - royalty free sound effect by Giorgio Magarò.

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