Play/Listen on Repeat YouTube Videos!

Enter the YouTube link below and hit "Play Now!" to listen on repeat.

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How to loop/repeat YouTube videos?

  1. Find the URL of the YouTube video that you want to repeat or play in loop. In order to find the URL, you can copy the link from the address bar or Click on the " SHARE" button next to dislike icon and click "Copy".

    If you want to repeat video that you are playing on YouTube app, you can copy the URL by tapping the share icon on the lower right corner of the video and tap Copy
  2. Once you have the Video URL, paste the URL in the input field above and click "Play Now!"
  3. Enjoy the video!! :)

Listen on Repeat

Listen to music on repeat or loop any music video forever. Listen to it as long as you want to without having to click replay.

Easy to Use

Just past the link for any youtube video and click "Play Now!". We'll make sure your video plays continuously until you close the browser or pause it yourself.

Always Free

Play on Repeat is a free Service and it will always be free! Please give us any feedback if you have any.

When to use Play on Repeat?

  1. When you want to listen to that one song a million times in a row. We've all been there :)
  2. When you want to create some white noise in your room to go to sleep (Ocean waves, jungle, rain) etc.
  3. Play a video in loop so your pets (dogs and cats) always feel like there is someone in the house.
  4. Watch YouTube videos without ads

How to watch YouTube without Ads?

  1. GoTo UBlock
  2. Download the browser extension for you browser.
  3. You are all set. You will not see any ads on YouTube and other websites like facebook or any other website you visit in the web
  4. Enjoy Ad free life!

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