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w i d e h i p s


⸙ extremely wide hips
⸙ widest hips is the universe
⸙ extremely wide, round, attractive hips
⸙ kim k is jealous of your hips
⸙ you have your desired hips
⸙ round hips
⸙ you have your desired hip width
⸙ you have the most seductive, round, sexy and attractive hips in the whole universe
⸙ you are free from and immune to hip dips
⸙ hip dips? don't know them
⸙ all body fat is transfered to your hips
⸙ all stomach and back fat it instantly transfered to your hips

+ bonus affs
⸙ immune to unwanted attention
⸙ positivity boost

⸙ keep yourself hydrated
⸙ affirm the benefits to yourself throughout the day
⸙ get enough sleep
⸙ pretend you already achieved your desired results
⸙ listen to a booster before or after listening to the subliminal

⸙ doesn't include a booster
⸙ doesn't include frequencies or waves
⸙ can be layered even tho it's already layered over 50 times
⸙ can be bundled even tho it's already a bundle ( my wide hips sub and my get rid of hip dips sub )
⸙ can be sped up even tho it's already sped up

about me:
⸙ pronouns are she/her
⸙ you an call me maeva
⸙ i'm a minor
⸙ sub user since december 2019
⸙ sub maker since febuary 2020

social media:
⸙ subliminal users amino - MA3V4 !!
⸙ tiktok - maevatogami
⸙ instagram - maeva.exe

⸙ subliminal messages ; subliminal audios ; luminal ; luminals ; subliminals ; biokinesis ; law of attraction ; law of assumption ; manifest ; manifestation ; wide hips

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