Repeat Urban ecosystems: Urban forest- floods, biotic invasion, altered biogeochemistry, tree kill

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FRAME, Ecology Woods-
Biotic invasion,
Nutrient pollution,
Soil biogeochemistry
Tree mortality

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Forests and trees embedded in cities and suburban environments provide very important ecosystem services and environmental benefits including carbon sequestration— to mitigate the urban carbon dioxide dome and other air/soil pollutants for clean air,
filtration beds for urban storm water— to mitigate storm flooding,
Green barriers— to mitigate extreme weather,
Public health infrastructure— positively influence human mental health and physical well-being,
Natural source of pollination to crops— food sustainability

Forest embedded in urban environments are threatened by increase flooding events, higher tree mortality, increase invasive plant and animal invasion, altered soil biogeochemistry, higher temperatures, etc. Albeit, forest ecosystems have the pre-requirements for systems under climate change impacts projected for the next 80 years.

Interestingly, some urban forest trees and soils indicate variability in nutrient elements, nitrogen, stress metals in plant adaptations and soil stability in the environments with city size, population density, and commercial activities. McDermot and colleagues at the University of Delaware (Dr. Tara Trammell), University of New Hampshire and US Forest Services (Dr. Rakesh Minocha), University of Delaware (Vincent D’Amico), and University of New Hampshire (Ms. Stephanie Long) recently published a journal article in PLoS ONE titled “Red maple trees (Acer rubrum L.) demonstrate acclimation to urban conditions in deciduous forests embedded in cities”.

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