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Welcome to Horrible To- I mean Halloween Town.
Happy Spooktober everyone, please enjoy my latest shitscore. :)

This video was made using MuseScore 3 and Adobe Premiere Pro.
Some people asked if I could make the sheet music downloadable, so I uploaded it to MuseScore for those people: The sheet music is best viewed on this video here, but if you want the sheet music to use in MuseScore, you may download the sheet music at that site. The sheet music is too massive to be viewed on a regular PDF, so you'll need to mess with the score yourself to view different parts and change it to however you'd like it to look. The sheet music is best viewed in MuseScore when in "Continuous View" mode (and that's how I set it while I made this video).

Spooky Intro (0:00)
The harp remembers to play (0:12)
Good job sax, not good job oboe (0:22)
Chorus of minor seconds (0:26)
Can you tell I discovered quarter tones? (0:31)
Clarinets have a stroke (0:38)
c o m m o n t o n e (0:51)
This hurts my brain and I'm the one who made this (1:05)
POV you're lying in bed on a camping trip (1:12)
glissando is all I can say here (1:15)
The percussion concussion section (1:20)
Catches you off-guard (1:40)
I ran out of jokes to make during this part (1:46)
The notes are in the red, but this is actually possible on a violin (1:54)
This part sounds kinda cool (1:57)
Selfish trumpet takeover (2:10)
This vibraphone part is just so cool (2:17)
Trumpet anger (2:23)
Ok back to this is horrible (2:40)
"How it feels to chew 5 gum" (2:47)
This was supposed to be a sixteenth run, but I didn't want to arrange it (2:49)
Getting into the good part (2:52)
There is a total of 23 different instruments in this song (2:54)
Prelude to Decimation (3:02)
Do your speakers still work? (3:18)
I just needed a resolution (3:28)
but not really (3:32)


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