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This subliminal is made with love designed to give you:
-suggestible subconscious
-subconscious cleared from all blockages
-have strong belief and faith
-have motivation and patience
-extremely long legs
-slender legs
-increased height/ get taller
-cartilage in epiphyseal plates safely changing
-desired height
-instant results
-permanent results

This subliminal is designed to give you extremely fast results. All affirmations are said by my voice.

Some helpful tips while listening:
Please drink plenty of water before listening to optimize results. Take a five minute break between listening to different subliminal topics. Play this video at least 2 to 3 times for maximum effectiveness. The more that you listen, the faster results will manifest. Visualizing and thinking about your desires will help boost results tremendously. I'm deeply sorry, but I cannot show the affirmations as it will defeat the purpose of the subliminal which is designed to go past your conscious mind of thinking and straight to your subconscious where they are accepted as true. Please remain positive and have faith as I am sure you will all manifest your desires. ~Dove

This video:
🕊️ Has no negative/harmful/hidden affirmations
🕊️Has no frequencies
🕊️Works with one earbud

Music Used: All by Doopiano
BTS- Best of Me piano cover
BTS - Serendipity piano cover
BTS-DNA piano cover

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