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➳❥ I produced this video with subliminal affirmations in the audio to help you manifest the most incredible singing talent! I wrote the list of benefits below! ♡ Listen and enjoy your results!

this subliminal is unisex!

♪ Most beautiful singing voice ever; enchanting and seducing voice from the heaven
♪ Most complexe and superior voice; manifest your desired voice (speaking and singing)
♪ Your voice is out of the league because you're way too talented
♪ Top-tier singer; be the best singer worldwide, be well-known and successful
♪ Ability to make people feel the emotions from your songs; tears, euphoria, etc.
♪ Amazing vocal control; perfectly on pitch and sing every notes accurately
♪ Good singing tone; use consistent vowel sounds and master the different types of vocal timbre
♪ Excellent consistency; sing songs perfectly from the beginning to the end; consistent tone, pitching, volume, support and style at all times
♪ Master perfectly Soprano, Mezzo, Alto, Tenor and Bass
♪ Master high-notes; sing and maintain extremely high notes easily and correctly
♪ Good vibrato and synchronization; surnatural talent
♪ Produce outstanding songs and lyrics; always be a big hit
♪ Greatest ability to sound hoarse or smooth, hard or soft, broad or narrow, light or heavy, etc
♪ Extremely versatile type of voice; voice suit any style of music and master all music genres (R&B/hip-hop, pop, rap, ballad, opera, classical, rock, country, edm, dance/electro, metal, etc)
♪ Know exactly when and how to use head voice and chest voice
♪ Clear enunciation; craft each syllable precisely as intended
♪ Suitable volume; always sing at the right volume that matches well the music
♪ Strong vocal support; very powerful voice (can sing for a long period of time)
♪ Voice always in evolution; love improving by practicing; good self-awareness
♪ Genius knowledge; know everything about singing/be a professional
♪ Know your range, check your own pitch, good adjustement ability
♪ Good hearing; listen to your voice and others voices while singing (active listening)
♪ Develop your overall musicality and musical awareness
♪ Amazing stage presence; mesmerize your audience and gain a lot of fans
♪ Best/famous artists are fascinated by your voice and singing talent
♪ Be all vocal coaches' favorite singer; your voice is loved by all
♪ Good posture, proper breathing technique; always sound better than anyone else
♪ Voice sound extremely good in a registrer, camera, mic, in live, in a concert, karaoke, etc

♪ music used: blackpink - lovesick girls (doo piano)

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note: This subliminal is layered and looped multiple times!

ღ What are subliminals?

ღ Subliminals are affirmations hidden in the audio that only your subconscious can perceive it. With repeated listening, your unconscious mind accepts the suggestions as true and fulfill your thoughts into reality.

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