Repeat Lose 20lbs (9kg) Subliminal ♡ SUPER SIMPLE FORMULA !

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This subliminal is different from my normal subs ! I used a different formula that is sUPER SIMPLE !! There is ONLY (4) affirmations used in this sub ! Nothing else !! Each affirmation is repeated 100x ! I used this formula previously on my "weigh exactly __lbs" subliminal & the results were mIND BLOWING !!! So I wanted to make a few more subs w this formula as it seems quite effective ! I believe it is because these affirmations stick better & can be engraved faster into the subconscious since they are getting repeated so much faster than a sub with 1000+ individual other affirmations :D

↳ Affirmations included

♡My body rapidly dropped 20lbs (9kg) of weight

♡I quickly shed 20lbs (9kg) from my body weight

♡I now weigh 20lbs (9kg) less than I did before

♡I lost 20lbs (9kg)

✧Exaggerated for quicker results !!

✧Each affirmation is repeated 100x & Sped up !

✧All affirmations are recorded with my own voice for your benefit ! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

─── ♡

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