Repeat GROWTH HORMONE [GH] - Subliminals & Morphic Fields (HGH Release, Growth Promotion, Faster Recovery)

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Growth Hormone (GH) - peptide hormone secreted by the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland. It governs height and bone length during puberty, positively affects muscle growth, strength, and physical performance while simultaneously improving recovery after injuries and diseases. It will also help to burn fat, improve skin condition, and optimize sleep. The human body releases the highest amount of growth hormone during the first state of the sleep cycle.

Subliminal messages recorded in two forms: 1st person, 3rd person, and two tenses: present simple and present perfect, are set to affect the subconscious mind directly and program the body to release more of human growth hormone in a safe, reasonable amount, sufficient to induce all of the desired effects. Thanks to adequately tuned up frequencies associated with the release of growth hormone, the body will reach a proper vibrational level and be directly affected by desired morphic fields.

- increased growth hormone release
- growth promotion (height, bones length/width)
- accelerated recovery (muscle tissue, tissue in the brain and other organs)
- muscle growth promotion
- fat-burning promotion (accelerated metabolism)
- improved fat distribution
- improved skin condition
- reduced muscle catabolism
- increased bone density

For best results, listen to 4-5x daily; however, there is no specific limit for how long it should be listened to continuously. Please keep it on a relatively low volume, which will prevent you from the occurrence of listener fatigue.


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