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in this subliminal are affirmations for:
♡ a small, slim, straight nose bridge
♡ an upturned nose
♡ slim, small nose tip
♡ slim and small nostrils
♡ an alar base reduction
♡ 106 degree nose tip

♡listen to this subliminal at least 4 times a day
♡the more you listen the better
♡headphones, earphones are recommended
♡drink lots of water
♡listen with a booster if you want faster results and a flush before listening to subliminals

♡you'll only get your desired results
♡all results are permanent
♡people usually start seeing results from 1 week to 2 months, full results 2 weeks to 3 months

Answers for frequently asked questions
♡you can listen to this subliminal without headphones, earphones but you'll get results slower
♡my subliminals are downloadable
♡you can multitask while listening a subliminal
♡subliminals will work if you know basic english
♡my subliminals are completely safe
♡i'm not taking requests

if you have any questions contact me on insta:

this is a reupload of my deleted subliminal, idk why or how it got deleted but thank god i still had the audio on my phone

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