Repeat 彡Cure Insomnia°\\ Subliminal

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This subliminal includes:
🍜 Boost dopamine and serotonin level
🍜 Always feel happy and relaxed
🍜 Be able to sleep whenever you want
🍜 Get 8 hours of proper sleep
🍜 Feel energetic when you wake up
🍜 Always wake up on time
🍜 Immediately feel drowsy when you lie down to sleep
🍜 Cure insomnia
🍜 Stay asleep for your desired amount of time

🍙 this subliminal is 100% safe
🍙 results are permanent
🍙 drink plenty of water
🍙 believe is the key
🍙 headphones are required
🍙 listen at 40-60% volume only
🍙 Listen for at least 30 mins

You can send me your picture before and after results on insta

How to loop/repeat YouTube videos?

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    If you want to repeat video that you are playing on YouTube app, you can copy the URL by tapping the share icon on the lower right corner of the video and tap Copy
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  3. Enjoy the video!! :)