Repeat control your hair color with your thoughts // transform at will subliminal

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as always, this is not a channel that does requests. // my apologies! now on to the description...

i'm always soooooooooooooo indecisive about my hair and skin, lol. // this sub basically allows you to instantly change your hair color, and it will entirely transform in seconds. //

you can go from hot pink to ash brown to platinum blonde and anything else you can think of. //

this is for all my indecisive folks so you can instantly switch up your appearance any time. //

t o p i c s . //

. alter your scalp hair color at will using your thoughts
. hair color only shifts if you desire the transformation with true, sincere, authentic, and genuine intentions (this is to hopefully prevent some mishaps)
. have complete control over the color of your scalp hair
. observe your hair color change instantly at will
. your entire, full scalp hair color transformations are instantaneous
. revert to natural hair color or “home base” color whenever you desire
. change scalp hair to any color imaginable whenever you please
. manipulate your hair’s lowlights, highlights, gradients, and streaks
. generate lowlights, highlights, gradients, and streaks at will
. individually shift the color of specific sections of hair using your thoughts
. your scalp hair transformations must always happen instantly (all obstacles removed)
. the universe requires any hair color shifts you perform to happen fully the instant you desire

+ special formula booster that boosts results by 999 googolplexian, requires the universe/laws of scientific understanding to accommodate your results, blocks any obstacles, yadah yadah (the usual one that’s overlaid on all my videos)

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