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I’m a medical student so I make a really unique scientific subs. And I really got insane results from it, even tho I rarely got result before with other sub. I could say that this is the most strongest subliminal ever! Trust me, I did everything for my sub🥰❤💞

Hi❤ I really work hard for my sub in the middle of my extremely tight medical school schedule and I will really glad it if you are willing to donate me: 👇
Every cent is really appreciated

Min: 10x/day

∞What is subliminal?
This subliminal is the subaudible one, there are some positive words that is hiding behind the song. Those words act as ‘self-suggesting’ method.

∞What makes my subliminal stronger?
 I combine it with morphic resonance (I use 100% safe & specific frequency that is usually used in morphic field) and reiki healing.
 Combining a lot of formula, Simple affs, metaphorical, detailed, medical&anatomical affs. And cause I’m a medical student, I’m using all of my knowledge to make the most detailed and conceptuals affs, so your body could manifest it directly.
 I’m certified at audio and video editing, I use professional applications. So the audio quality is great and no distortion (I do double check in my audio)
 my own voice+AI, 8d audio. for the AI, I’m using the professional version of natural readers, so the AI voice is better than the other texttospeech converter.
 all of my affs contain positive words. I dont use “free from (SOMETHING BAD)” affs, because I’m scared that my mind will focus on that (SOMETHING BAD) words. But this is just my beliefs. There are someone who still get positive results from this kind of affs tho.
 You and I affs

 Get the results right now
 Results faster than the speed of high energy cosmic rays
 Listen once = listen to this for billion years
 The affs keep repeating itself even after you finish listening to this sub
 I use physic equation to make the results come faster (It is okay if you dont understand this actually, it still works)
 Raise vibration
 Your vibration and goals are aligned
 Feel happiness, love, joy, gratitude, etc abundantly
 Detachment from this subliminal

 Get a miraculous, beautiful, captivating, memerizing, flawless:
• crystal clear skin
• diamond-like clear skin
• glowing skin
• hydrated skin
• airbrushed skin
• radiant skin
• bright skin
• alluring skin
• luxurious skin
• perfect skin tone
• perfect under tone
• youthful skin
• poreless skin
• healthy skin
• plump skin
• polished facial skin
• smooth skin
• soft skin
• fresh skin
• clean face pores
• bright face skin
• moist skin
• lifted skin
All of the above are repeated using this: Instantly, every yoctosecond, safely, forever, always, 100% visible at a speed billion times faster than the speed of ultra high energy cosmic rays, SAFE DNA transformation to achieve it, memerizing, captivating, beautiful, everytime you blink&breathe.

 utmost crystal clear skin, lifted skin, hydrated skin get prodigiously more perfect every yoctosecond as I get the HEALTHY AND POSITIVE benefit of one thousand years using/getting: (explanation about this in my ig)
• gluthathione and vitamin C supplement (brightening)
• Full skin treatment series
• rejuvenation laser
• nd-yag laser (acne, anti aging)
•V-beam laser (redness, rosacea)
• photo dynamic therapy (a lot)
• IPL laser (hair removal etc)
•10 step korean skin care
• luxurious face wash, first essence, soft and safe exfoliating toner, hydrating toner, best moisturizer ever, eye cream, splendid night cream
• Filler, Skin booster, Threadlift

 Increase collagen and elastin production
 epidermal growth factor and skin stem cells healthily&safely regenerate skin
 Healthy and ideal blood flow and skin vascularity (healing rosacea &varicose)
 Minimal facial sebaceous gland production (getting rid of oily skin)
 skin cells are able to keep the healthily and ideally water content to make it looks glowing and hydrating
 Shrinkage of Skin Pores safely
 hormone is always healthily, ideally, normally, well-regulated
 strong and healthy skin barrier (protect your skin, keep it hydrated)
 skin pH is always balanced on 5.5
 Safely, ideally, healthily cell detached from stratum disjunctivum (cleaning pores, blackhead, whitehead, any pores obstruction without ‘purging’ state)
 Healthy rich oxygen content in the skin
 Skin produces natural SPF 100, PA+++
 Attract makeup and skincare in your life abundantly

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