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“BIG BREAST” ⌐powerful subliminal

I humbly and respectfully ask all of you,
Please do not reupload my creations to another platforms/sites without my permission. Any unauthorized use of my work is prohibited. No part of this audio may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without express written expression from the creator. All of my tracks will be only posted here on Youtube and Audiomack under my pseudonym, Lay.

Nature Version:

Affirmations includes:
• Big breast
• Symmetrical breast
• Firm, round and bouncy breast
• Imaginary push up bra
• Perfect posture
• Alluring cleavage
• Pink nips
• Get desired look and color of areolas/nipples
• Get rid of stretch marks
• Get rid of scars
• Get rid of saggy skin
• Get rid of underboob sweat
• Confidently loving the results

Song used: for meditation
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This subliminal audio includes:
🍁ONE DAY formula
🍁Forced formula (for stubborn subconscious minds)
🍁Creative and Powerful affirmations
🍁My own built in mini booster
🍁Removes all blockage
🍁Instant results
🍁Confidently loving the results

Paid request is only open for:
• Custom subs
• Carbon copy
• Specified just for the user

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For Request, Updates and Results
Contact me here:
IG: lay_subliminals
Email: [email protected]

To get fast results:
Visualisation Technique
Many people find the whole visualization process a who lot easier when they have something to physically look at. Visual and kinesthetic learners may find vision boarding the perfect alternative to keep their hands and eyes busy whilst the deeper message is being absorbed by the subconscious. A vision board is a display made up of all the things someone might like to manifest. You can imagine yourself getting what you want to achieve or watch video showcasing your desires.

All my subliminals are:
100% positive and safe
Permanent yet fast results
Only contains positive affirmations

🍃Drink a good amount of water
🍃Listen 30 minutes to an hour a day
🍃Stay positive
🍃Listen consistently

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