Repeat Become shorter in seconds (EXTREMELY POWERFUL)

Enter the YouTube link below and hit "Play Now!" to listen on repeat.

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Ok so everyone is always asking the same questions so here we go:

How long should I listen?: I recommend at 10-60 minutes

Does this actually work?: yes it 100% works

What are subliminal videos?: basically affirmations are played in the background and it tells stuff to your self conscious self and depending on what’s being repeated it slowly but surely does what it’s told so that why you have to listen daily (this is the short version).

Once again this is a repost :)
Have a great day! ✨🥴

How to loop/repeat YouTube videos?

  1. Find the URL of the YouTube video that you want to repeat or play in loop. In order to find the URL, you can copy the link from the address bar or Click on the " SHARE" button next to dislike icon and click "Copy".
    If you want to repeat video that you are playing on YouTube app, you can copy the URL by tapping the share icon on the lower right corner of the video and tap Copy
  2. Once you have the Video URL, paste the URL in the input field above and click "Play Now!"
  3. Enjoy the video!! :)