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ASHTREY - Told Me ft. Eric North | Produced by CXRPSE
'I never cared about what the world said' 😈 | Lyrics ⇣
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Editor: melo |
Anime: Mekakucity Actors // Kagerō Project

They jumped out my face
Feels so malicious out today
They cracked all my teeth
Left me with gaps to laugh at me

They told me to drop dead
I never cared about what the world said
You wanna drop it?
I never cared about what the world said

Tommy told me funny stupid dummy where the cash at
You don’t know a thing, when I’m sane, actor f*ggot
I could rob a bank with a pen, no vocal tag
Sour friction mr man made, dropping heart attacks
Why they talking bout a f*ckn' demon they aint' heard yet
Since 11 they been in my ear, f*ckn' nervous
Lurking on the web, where its deep, where the drugs at?
Where the cash at? Stupid f*cka where the cash at?

Tommy told me bring the tommy

#mekakucityactors #kageroproject
#underground #emotional #rap #hiphop #grunge
#alternative #sadboy #deadboy #anime #amv

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